The Warning Label Generator


Fitting with my Emergency 411 series, there’s a warning label generator website just for making your own official-looking warning labels. I mean, who hasn’t needed this:

Warning Label

The Goons over at Something Awful have already put it to good(?) use, so check out their labels here, before they get reposted on Ebaum’s World or something.

See my Animation Showing in LA


I’m feeling particularly embiggened this week.

Animation Show 2007(In addition to my winnings in Vegas this weekend) I learned this Sunday that one of my Emergency 411 cartoons was selected to be in The Animation Show! So of course I’ll be there to see my tiny, tiny video on the big, big screen. I had already caught the show last year at the Nuart theater in Santa Monica and can’t wait to see what’s been added since, as well as see who the other mobifest winners are. You can still see all the videos submissions over at where my Skydiving video — much to my amazement — graces the front page.

If you’d like to go, The Animation Show is this Tuesday at Laemmle’s Music Hall 3, 9036 Wilshire Blvd., Tuesday, April 3, 2007 at 7:30 PM.

On top of all this, my site got a mention on the Animation Show journal, in particular a cartoon Nick and I did on that jaded green giant, the Sarcastic Hulk. Check out the awesome quote:

…you’ve got to spend some time over at his site In particular his “Sarcastic Hulk” is one of the funnier tv funhouse style revamps i’ve seen in a long time

All it takes is a little positive feedback to get me movin’ again. Now I can’t wait to start on another SH clip. One that has the Sarcastic Hulk, y’know, actually in it.

I’m at a Shitty Concert!

/Emergency 411

I am pleased to introduce a third installment of Emergency 411, the answer guide with all the answers. Today we have a handy tutorial on how to turn a bad concert into a “rockin'” one.

By now you must be asking yourself, “Gee, where does he get his ideas?” Well, that’s just gonna have to be my little secret.

Catch the first two Emergency 411 episodes after the bump.

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Sarcastic Hulk is very, very clever

/Sarcastic Hulk

I tell ya, Green Man’s Burden.

You work your ass off at the high-energy physics lab, trying to buy the good life for your mouthy, hippie girlfriend, only she doesn’t respect you, she’s too busy “rebelling” against her military brass father. Maybe he didn’t hug her enough as a kid, so now she’s taking it out on him by protesting his corrupt military-industrial corporation. The very military contractor you work for. And to top it all off, on the one day you get bombarded with a lethal dose of gamma radiation, you find out your company just cut your healthcare.

It just makes you so… so… snide.

See what happens when a guy who couldn’t take it anymore… takes it A LITTLE MORE!

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Dan Danger: Hide And Seek Danger


Scott McCloud, author of the thought-provoking meta-comic Understanding Comics had a great idea to get people making and thinking about comics more: The 24-Hour Comic. The idea is simple: make a 24-page comic book in 24 hours.

My friend Pete is the one who introduced me to this, and was responsible for rounding up three friends for a full day of drawing comics. Having the artistic and storytelling skills of your average grade schooler, I made my weaknesses my strengths and created a cold-war era hero your 8-year-old brother might’ve dreamed up. His name is Dan Danger.

Dan Danger

John Woo eat your heart out

In his first outing, the ever-grimacing super-spy Dan Danger is tasked with rescuing a top rocket scientist from far behind the iron curtain! Enjoy 24 action-packed (and dialogue-light!) pages of secret agent adventure filtered through simplistic jingoism.

And while you’re reading, you may want to ignore what we discovered — that Scott McCloud’s idea of fostering creativity in the visual storytelling medium actually turned out to be a way to churn out some really rushed, mediocre comics.

MobiFest gets the Emergency 411


A year ago, I had submitted an episode of my cartoon series What Would Jesus Do? to The Animation Show, in the hopes I would join the ranks of this generation’s top animators, perhaps through a clerical error. And since I’m not currently rolling in that sweet religious satire money, it’d seem Mike and Don didn’t think all that much of what I had to offer.

However, roughly a month or two ago, I got an email saying my Jesus video was in fact a finalist in their competition, and that was reason enough for them to invite me (and I’m sure several hundred of my peers) to compete in their latest venture: MobiFest.

And so I spent the next four weeks keeping myself very busy, furiously animating as well as working my other jobs. What I had at the end of it was the first two of what should be a continuing series of just-in-time info on what to do when you find yourself in a heartstopping situation.

I also ended up with a bit of flak from management for sleeping at work the day after I finished, but that’s neither here nor there.

Anyway, here are the videos:

Emergency 411: Building an Atomic Bomb

Emergency 411: Skydiving

Santa’s Little Helper Redux


I don’t know what it was, the long-winded description of the “jug-eared, clap-happy dipshit” clapping, or the idea of Marmaduke howling a blood-curdling scream, but this selection from Joe Mathlete Explains Today’s Marmaduke brought tears of laughter at the explained antics of an oversized dog:

Marmaduke responds to a jug-eared, clap-happy dipshit’s entreaty to fetch a stick with either a massive yawn (which is how he signifies his boredom) or a blood-curdling scream (which is how he pumps himself up for a round of stick-fetching). Marmaduke’s owner-man responds to said jug-eared, clap-happy dipshit’s entreaty with a hint regarding the futility of the ridiculous little man’s enthusiasm

As for the title of this post, there was a friend of mine who got the same perverse glee rewinding a 5-second clip of Santa’s Little Helper jumping up onto Homer’s belly for a good 20 minutes. Dogs are just funny like that.

Dan Danger wear


In reference to, jen and pete mentioned an interest in a t-shirt with a panel from Dan Danger on the front. Well, I’ve no idea how to silkscreen a shirt, but thought I’d put up the image I was thinking of using all the same.

Some people took a shine to the low-fi comic “Dan Danger” I drew as part of Pete’s and so, being the media whore I am, I put some effort into putting a panel of Dan Danger onto a T-shirt for your enjoyment.

Dan Danger always shot clean — right between the eyes!

Dan Danger always knocks ’em dead with his twin 9mm’s, now so can you!

You’ll find 6 different Tees for men and women at my CafePress store …along with some decades-old WWJD paraphernalia.

So please, put some money into the pockets of CafePress and impress your friends and co-conspirators by showing off the grade school-level artist you know!

The Christ & Ben Show


This cartoon was a special going-away present to my friends on The Mike & Ben Show, which is why, if you weren’t on the show at the time, it probably doesn’t make a whole hell of a lot of sense.

I wrote this episode with my friend Myles, who was graduating UCLA and thus leaving the show, along with Ben, Thor, Sean and Price. Yes, it was a requirement of the show that every other person have an unusual name. Just ask Dagmar and Harp.

The episode used a lot of clips from old shows, woven (barely) into a fable which paralleled our creative struggle working on the show, and was actually pretty well-received. Which is more than I can say for what happened on youtube.

It’s also kind of a love letter to our long-lost friend Mike, if you think about it.

Survivor: Judea


Follow the further adventures of the hero with a holier-than-thou attitude and find out what would Jesus do — on Survivor! Yes, through a weird coincidence, I was able to get one of the Survivor cast to lend their voice to the cartoon.

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