Dan Danger tee

Dan Danger!

And there’s a shirt depicting the cold-war kid’s drawing Dan Danger, available in special commie red. Or read the original comic.


Puma Man & Dan Danger T-Shirts!

Some time ago, I had the brainstorm of making a T-shirt featuring the Puma Man of MST3K fame. I’m proud to say it was received with great enthusiasm! And zero sales. Big surprise. In fact, the only feedback was when a friend posted a link on A Special Thing and got back, “Neat shirt, too bad it’s on CafePress.” Yikes, I guess my one sale’s dog got run over by Baron Von Cafepress when he was a kid. But looking back at the shirts, I did have one legitimate design gripe:

I needed to make the logo bigger.

Enter Printfection. Though it has the look and feel of a beta of Windows Explorer, Printfection handles the nuts and bolts of creating merchandise better than CafePress: lower prices, multiple pricing levels for items, better image management tools, the ability to sell multiple designs for each clothing item. And yes, you can make the logo bigger (up to 4.67″ high)! All Printfection needs to do is fix their clunky and occasionally unclear interface.

But the most important question is: how do the shirts look? I took a chance on Printfection’s $2 t-shirt offer and printed up a quick Puma Man shirt for myself. Printfection doesn’t seem to handle solid, non-web-safe colors especially well,Puma Man printed image which resulted in a shade of yellow something like the one here. But switching to the similar #FFCC00 for the color of the text seemed to fix that problem.

The PUMA MAN tee is perfect for wearing to the gym, as if to say to the world, “I’m out of shape and a huge nerd!”

Puma Man!

And there’s a shirt depicting the cold-war kid’s drawing Dan Danger, available in special commie red:

Dan Danger!

Bigger logos, smaller prices. These as well as womens’ styles and other apparel are available all at a reduced price at my Printfection store!


Dan Danger: Hide And Seek Danger

Scott McCloud, author of the thought-provoking meta-comic Understanding Comics had a great idea to get people making and thinking about comics more: The 24-Hour Comic. The idea is simple: make a 24-page comic book in 24 hours.

My friend Pete is the one who introduced me to this, and was responsible for rounding up three friends for a full day of drawing comics. Having the artistic and storytelling skills of your average grade schooler, I made my weaknesses my strengths and created a cold-war era hero your 8-year-old brother might’ve dreamed up. His name is Dan Danger.

Dan Danger

John Woo eat your heart out

In his first outing, the ever-grimacing super-spy Dan Danger is tasked with rescuing a top rocket scientist from far behind the iron curtain! Enjoy 24 action-packed (and dialogue-light!) pages of secret agent adventure filtered through simplistic jingoism.

And while you’re reading, you may want to ignore what we discovered — that Scott McCloud’s idea of fostering creativity in the visual storytelling medium actually turned out to be a way to churn out some really rushed, mediocre comics.


Dan Danger wear

In reference to, jen and pete mentioned an interest in a t-shirt with a panel from Dan Danger on the front. Well, I’ve no idea how to silkscreen a shirt, but thought I’d put up the image I was thinking of using all the same.

Some people took a shine to the low-fi comic “Dan Danger” I drew as part of Pete’s and so, being the media whore I am, I put some effort into putting a panel of Dan Danger onto a T-shirt for your enjoyment.

Dan Danger always shot clean — right between the eyes!

Dan Danger always knocks ’em dead with his twin 9mm’s, now so can you!

You’ll find 6 different Tees for men and women at my CafePress store …along with some decades-old WWJD paraphernalia.

So please, put some money into the pockets of CafePress and impress your friends and co-conspirators by showing off the grade school-level artist you know!