Dan Danger: Hide And Seek Danger

Scott McCloud, author of the thought-provoking meta-comic Understanding Comics had a great idea to get people making and thinking about comics more: The 24-Hour Comic. The idea is simple: make a 24-page comic book in 24 hours.

My friend Pete is the one who introduced me to this, and was responsible for rounding up three friends for a full day of drawing comics. Having the artistic and storytelling skills of your average grade schooler, I made my weaknesses my strengths and created a cold-war era hero your 8-year-old brother might’ve dreamed up. His name is Dan Danger.

Dan Danger

John Woo eat your heart out

In his first outing, the ever-grimacing super-spy Dan Danger is tasked with rescuing a top rocket scientist from far behind the iron curtain! Enjoy 24 action-packed (and dialogue-light!) pages of secret agent adventure filtered through simplistic jingoism.

And while you’re reading, you may want to ignore what we discovered — that Scott McCloud’s idea of fostering creativity in the visual storytelling medium actually turned out to be a way to churn out some really rushed, mediocre comics.

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