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Sarcastic Hulk is very, very clever

I tell ya, Green Man’s Burden.

You work your ass off at the high-energy physics lab, trying to buy the good life for your mouthy, hippie girlfriend, only she doesn’t respect you, she’s too busy “rebelling” against her military brass father. Maybe he didn’t hug her enough as a kid, so now she’s taking it out on him by protesting his corrupt military-industrial corporation. The very military contractor you work for. And to top it all off, on the one day you get bombarded with a lethal dose of gamma radiation, you find out your company just cut your healthcare.

It just makes you so… so… snide.

See what happens when a guy who couldn’t take it anymore… takes it A LITTLE MORE!

SEE the comic book that I lost the originals to!

READ the script with all my co-writer’s best jokes cut out!

Three “original” stories:

Copyright-infringing action!

Hulk think never going back to Cartoon Network after making friends with girl you pitch show to must be road to success!


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