Emergency 411: Going Green (Corporate Edition)

Emergency 411 | Oct. 15, 2008

Saving the earth is important, but no one said you have to go broke doing it. Here are some tips for what multinational corporations, energy conglomerates and oil barons can do to save the planet… all while lining their own pockets.

This is my NINTH episode, bringing the total length of the series to nearly SIX WHOLE MINUTES(!).

E411: I blew it out the god damn airlock.

Emergency 411 | Aug. 6, 2008

When you find yourself adrift in outer space without a spacesuit, the first thing to remember is don’t panic.

Seriously, it uses up your precious O2 that much faster.

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Emergency 411 gives you the 411 on how to 411

Emergency 411 | Mar. 31, 2008

For my MobiBio submission, I reveal how I procrastinate produce every episode of Emergency 411.

Who knew animation involved so much sleeping and goofing off? View it now, along with the rest of the E411 guides over at Mobifest.net!

Emergency 411: Finding Parking

Emergency 411 | Nov. 14, 2007

I freely admit, I’ve got a little bit of a hangup about finding parking in LA. For this year’s Mobifest Toronto I put together a how-to of invaluable parking tips that border on the criminal — because when looking for a parking spot, it’s every motorist for himself.

Plus, I am fortunate enough that this is one of two entries of mine accepted as finalists for Mobifest Toronto! For more entries, check out my profile, or the other great submissions at mobifest.net!

Emergency 411: Having a Baby

Emergency 411 | Apr. 28, 2007

I’m back with another installment of Emergency 411 — the answer guide with all the answers. In this episode, experience the joy and potential financial windfall that comes with having a baby.

Don’t let the fact that I’ve never fathered a baby have any bearing on my credentials in this matter. By now you should already know not to take my advice.

E411: Atomic Bomb

Emergency 411 | Mar. 29, 2007

Information on how to build (and detonate!) your own thermonuclear device — on the cheap.

I’m at a Shitty Concert!

Emergency 411 | Mar. 28, 2007

I am pleased to introduce a third installment of Emergency 411, the answer guide with all the answers. Today we have a handy tutorial on how to turn a bad concert into a “rockin'” one.

By now you must be asking yourself, “Gee, where does he get his ideas?” Well, that’s just gonna have to be my little secret.

Catch the first two Emergency 411 episodes after the bump.

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E411: Skydiving

Emergency 411 | Feb. 11, 2007

Emergency 411 gives you the info on what to do when falling from a plane… without a parachute.