Emergency 411 Video

E411: I blew it out the god damn airlock.

When you find yourself adrift in outer space without a spacesuit, the first thing to remember is don’t panic.

Seriously, it uses up your precious O2 that much faster.

I was so proud of myself for having this idea until I realized it bore a striking similarity to an episode I had already made.

Let’s see how these two compare…

  • Leaving a vessel unexpectedly
  • Falling uncontrollably
  • Scrambling for a vital piece of life-saving equipment
  • Kubrick reference
  • It’s no help at all

Maybe I should have re-watched my earlier episode concerning how to have an idea:

I assure you, the next one will be longer and more “political”.

By Tim

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2 replies on “E411: I blew it out the god damn airlock.”

Yeah, but it’s all about the brilliant timing and visual jokes. You have but one imagination in that brain of yours – if we held Hollywood to the same rigorous standards, do you think there would be a movie like “Terminator Salvation” coming out? I think not. Plus, it’s more forgivable to repeat a 30-second idea. It’s not a waste of time at all. A 2 hour movie that wastes your time with a repeated idea? That’s reason to impeach.

If a winning formula is so terrible then why have I eaten macaroni & cheese the last three nights in a row? Because it’s delicious, that’s why!

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