I’m rolling up a new character

Grant Morrison did it when he was 30 and I’m going to try and roll up a new character for myself this fall. According to D20 Modern rules, a character past third level can multiclass, so I’m going to freeze my 5th level Programmer class and start over as a first level Animator. It sucks to be starting over at level one, but I was wasting all those experience points on skills outside my class anyway (Perform: Stand-Up???), so at this point changing classes would just be easier.

So far I’m spending my skill points on Photography, Animation, and Music Theory. And one point in Disable Device, just in case. Below is my character sheet, in case you thought I had already put up the dorkiest thing imaginable on my site.

Character Sheet

By Tim

An animator, video producer, Lego artist, and author—I am moderately skilled at a lot of different things.

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can you please…uh…explain to me what this is? Ummm…is this reality and irony and role playing mixed into one? HelP!

I’m cribbing the idea from Grant Morrison (AGAIN with the Grant Morrison…) that there’s no difference between comic book characters and ourselves. Just as he is able to write the stories for comic book characters, we are able to write the stories to our own lives.

To take this to its extreme is to live your life as though it’s a comic book story with you starring as the hero (talk about an ego trip)! Here I’m using the RPG metaphor to show that not only am I growing as a person, but I’ve decided to focus my life in a new direction.

Let’s just hope I make all my saving throws

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