Is this all there is?

| Aug. 17, 2008

I was picking out my tenth pizza from the Ralphs frozen food section when it hit me. I had just signed up for fall classes at Santa Monica City College that day, and I realized I was still eating the same thing now as I was the first time I was a student. I came to LA a student at UCLA and a decade later ended up a student attending a city college, with precious little to show for in between.

I have to keep telling myself this is all just part of starting over at level one, but it’s small comfort.


6 Responses to “Is this all there is?”

  1. prhead says:

    If I start over at level one, do I get to re-roll my Charisma?

  2. Tim says:

    I hear there’s a legendary artifact called an eyefone that’s supposed to raise your CHA +3 while using it.

  3. prhead says:

    Does it come with a Belt Clip Of Holding?

  4. Tim says:

    Yes. (with a -3 to Charisma)

  5. Siskita says:

    What classes? C’mon, I need to know!


  6. Tim says:

    Art, Photography and Music w/ intro to piano — just like on my character sheet 🙂

    Ironically, I’m one unit shy of being a full-time student.