Home Theater Alchemy

Now that I have my home theater setup (…er, mostly), it’s time for me to find the right set of speakers. There is so much jargon in home audio I can’t pretend to understand it. But I went to How to choose the right speakers for your amplifier or AV receiver and feel like I was able to divine some truths. I think.

The optimal settings for matching speakers to a home theater receiver are:

Match Ohms and wattage from the receiver to the speakers, erring on the side of extra wattage from the receiver and higher Ohms on the speakers.

Ohms: speakers >= receiver (lower Ohms are better)
Watts: receiver = speakers + up to 10% (more watts are better)
Sensitivity: 87-93dB (higher dBs are better)

Be seeing you.

“Prisoner” star Patrick McGoohan dies at 80


What emoticon do I use when talking about something delicious? Let’s see…

“Creme brulee with a frosted Krispy Kreme donut on top”


Problem solved.

BBC calls cut on Phoo Action

As a huge fan of Gorillaz (and medium-ish fan of Tank Girl), I was disappointed that the first news I heard about Jamie Hewlett’s upcoming series Phoo Action was that the BBC was canceling it.

RIP brit-goofiness.

This nut bread is bananas!

I read and re-read the list of ingredients on a container of Ralphs’ Banana Nut Bread. The one conspicuously absent ingredient? Bananas.

A 10-part Farscape webisode series?

Why the frell did no one tell me about this?

The small print indicates the new series will “revive and expand” the Farscape universe — so no guarantees on John, Aeryn, Chiana, D’Argo, or Rygel. But if it’s the same universe, with the same people behind the scenes involved, I remain optimistic.

Seems they have a website for everything

Say, how do you bake a potato?

Photos from Joshua Tree

Here are some pics I took while wilderness camping with three friends in the backcountry of Joshua Tree national park over the weekend.

Indian Cove campground

Just a sweet, sweet fantasy

I have less than a week to use my one song credit for the iTunes store and I still haven’t decided what song I want to buy. I would spend it on Positively 4th Street if I didn’t already have it, since I find that song positively hilarious. This guy’s some friend!

But I have a feeling my money’s going to be on this.

What can I say, I’m a Tom Tom Club fan.

Is this all there is?

I was picking out my tenth pizza from the Ralphs frozen food section when it hit me. I had just signed up for fall classes at Santa Monica City College that day, and I realized I was still eating the same thing now as I was the first time I was a student. I came to LA a student at UCLA and a decade later ended up a student attending a city college, with precious little to show for in between.

I have to keep telling myself this is all just part of starting over at level one, but it’s small comfort.