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Is there something about becoming a mom that requires you to be lame? Is everything about sharing and caring, playing nice, and other Pollyanna concerns?

I was at a parking lot sale at Hi De Ho the otherday. A mom was talking with one of the collectors pawing through comics:

“Is there a website where comic book collectors can go to share comics, just to read?”

The comic book collector must have returned a nonplussed stare before returning to his chore.

“…because I think that would be a good idea!”

Yes, there’s nothing comic book collectors love more than sharing their rare collectibles through the mail with parties unknown.

To answer your question, naïve mom, there is a place where comic book collectors can share comics “just to read”.

It’s called bittorrent.

Aspergers is soo 2005


Avoidant Personality Disorder

“Individuals with AvPD are “lonely loners.” They would like to be involved in relationships but cannot tolerate the feelings they get around other people. They feel unacceptable, incapable of being loved, and unable to change. Because they retreat from others in anticipation of rejection, they lead socially impoverished lives. They have immature and unrealistic expectations of relationships; they believe that they can have no imperfections if they are to be accepted and loved. Interpersonally, they are ill at ease, awkward and tense. They experience unremitting self-consciousness, self-contempt and anger toward others.”

“Kantor (1992, pp. 36-41) notes that individuals with AvPD, as with all of the personality disorders, have a tendency to live in the past or in fantasy — they receive too little input from the here and now. This diminished ability to pay attention results in mild memory disturbances and a characteristic immaturity.”

“Shame is one of the central AvPD affective experiences. Shame and self-exposure are intimately connected — which leads to withdrawal from interpersonal connection to avoid experiencing shame (Sutherland & Frances, Gabbard & Atkinson, eds, 1996, p. 993). These individuals are anguished. They describe their emotions as a constant and confusing undercurrent of tension, sadness, and anger…they must attempt to avoid pain, to need nothing, to depend on no one, and to deny desire.”

“They engage in wishful thinking, e.g. one day the perfect relationship or job will come along; one day they will be confident and have many friends. The patterns of cognitive, emotional, and behavioral avoidance are reinforced by a reduction in sadness and become ingrained and automatic.”

Home Theater Alchemy


Now that I have my home theater setup (…er, mostly), it’s time for me to find the right set of speakers. There is so much jargon in home audio I can’t pretend to understand it. But I went to How to choose the right speakers for your amplifier or AV receiver and feel like I was able to divine some truths. I think.

The optimal settings for matching speakers to a home theater receiver are:

Match Ohms and wattage from the receiver to the speakers, erring on the side of extra wattage from the receiver and higher Ohms on the speakers.

Ohms: speakers >= receiver (lower Ohms are better)
Watts: receiver = speakers + up to 10% (more watts are better)
Sensitivity: 87-93dB (higher dBs are better)

Firefox doesn’t understand anchor tags


No matter that anchor tags are some twenty years old, the Obama of web browsers, Firefox, managed to screw them up. If you want to jump to an <a name=”anchor_name”> tag, You need to wrap the stupid anchor in a stupid div because stupid Firefox only jumps to the top of the enclosing div, even if it’s the length of the entire stupid page, and not to the anchor tag itself.

This is how it should be:

<a name="anchor_name">

This is how clumsy Firefox needs it:

<div style="clear:both"><a name="anchor_name"></div>

Kill your little darlings


As a member of the Mac cult, I’m not supposed to criticize our beloved leader Steve Jobs, but AppleInsider’s story on his plan to level historic landmark Jackling mansion just comes across as a callous and artless act, making him no different from an unsentimental developer who sees uselessly beautiful rolling hills and imagines rows of cookie-cutter McMansions in their stead.

So I wondered how Jobs would feel if he was asked to demolish one of his creations, something equally historic and rare; say, an Apple I. But I instantly knew he wouldn’t hesitate to resign his and Woz’s first creation to the trash heap. I imagine he’s a firm believer that in the creative process, you must be prepared to kill your little darlings. It’s that lack of sentimentality that allows artists to refine their ideas, rather than grow attached to their nascent ones.

But when it comes to Jackling mansion, Steve should limit himself to killing his own darlings.

I maybe broke my website?


I’m trying to turn this site from an aimless, self-indulgent blog (redundant?), into what I originally wanted it to be: a place where I get shit done.

Step One was to move this roll of bellyaching and soft points off the front page and into /blog, where it rightfully belongs.

But I wanted to do it without breaking my precious, precious Google PageRank (of approximately zero), so I need to append my .htaccess file to redirect all my old blog links to my new blog home. Here’s how I think it’s supposed to go:

redirect 301 /2009/(.*)$1 /blog/2009/$1

Or something like that. Problem is it’s not working. Luckily, in the meantime, all my old links still work. I wonder how long that will last?

One More Song Not To Wake Up To


Highway to Hell – AC/DC

Choice lyrics: “I’m on the highway to hell.”

A reminder that my life is headed inexorably toward oblivion, or at least in the wrong direction.

“Twitter also has very interesting data”


That’s one reason why I can’t take the article Why Google or Yahoo! should buy Twitter seriously. That and other gems like “Twitter offers a potentially superior signal to noise ratio than blog content.” Blogs are already fairly noisy as it is (ahem), but is there even a signal to be wrenched from Twitter? The case this author makes is that Google must(!) buy Twitter because its search is on the ascent. Does this mean when people are at lunch, their idle thoughts while killing time in the senate, that they’re waiting for the subway, and other ephemera the next big thing in search?

Also, who uses words like corpus, metadata, and grok in an article that isn’t full of new-media hot air?

Why are artists such insufferable writers?


The software Pastiche that renders a virtual New York city from NY-related keywords came with this baffling description:

Conceptually, Pastiche is a parallel experience of the city, a map that not only documents, but also suggests action. It is a public counterpart to the private physical architecture of the city. Its source an aggregate of individual blogs, Pastiche is a system that anyone has the ability to contribute to. It defines a new kind of public space, while both proposing an experience and inviting comparison-in the process of relating one’s own perspective to a larger collective subjectivity, one situates oneself in relation to an impromptu community, formed around the idea of New York.

Well, thank you for quantifying this description as only pertaining to the concept and not the actual work itself. Is there a version that does more than suggest action? I searched the interface, but could not find the ‘propose an experience’ button to activate the app’s claimed functionality. And as part of a comparison-invited collectively subjecting situation, I would like to propose that blah blah blah, ZZZzzzz…

Visit Pashiche‘s website and count the new media buzzwords.

I removed the Facebook link


You’ll notice I removed the Facebook link on the sidebar there –>

What was I thinking linking to my Facebook page? If I didn’t know someone, I wasn’t going to friend them anyway, and I haven’t been inundated with requests as it is. So that was a stupid idea. Enough of that. If you want me, you’ll just have to find me on Google cache.

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