Mike & Ben Show.com is no more


The domain www.mikeandbenshow.com expires today, taking with it the all the online memories of “The Mike & Ben Show” — a college TV show that I haven’t been a part of for eight years. But please take a moment to browse old episode synopses and snarky email exchanges, not to mention the prominent button on the front page linking to the NEW site… which itself no longer exists.

I assure you, you’ll be the first non-googlebot visitor to the site in years.

Bush family mourns death of 18-year-old White House cat


It was killed after Tower 2 fell on top of its flooded New Orleans home, where it was recovering after returning from its third tour in Iraq, having been wounded by friendly fire. The cat was in stable condition until it was transferred to Walter Reed Medical Center and given a childs toy to play with tainted with lead-based paint and melamine.

The family asks that donations be sent to AIG, Bear Stearns and Chrysler.

from Yahoo!

The Nerd Handbook


I wish I had the patience to lay it all out like this nerd has. There are too many similarities in the way I deal with people, work or life listed in this article to quote, but this one seems apt for what I’ve affectionately been told:

Nerds are fucking funny. Your nerd spent a lot of his younger life being an outcast because of his strange affinity with the computer. This created a basic bitterness in his psyche that is the foundation for his humor. Now, combine this basic distrust of everything with your nerd’s other natural talents and you’ll realize that he sees humor is another game.

Read more on The Nerd Handbook. While we’re on the subject of bitterness and distrust, might I invite you to help the planet by helping yourself?

O’Reilly would have cut her mic


According to The Daily Show, Obama’s youngest is a bit of a chatterbox.

(fast-forward to 1:25 for the interrupting)



I wanted to TiVo any shows featuring one of the musicians behind Dark Side of the Moon but ended up with ten episodes of The Gilmore Girls instead.

This is just like the time I wanted to watch Quadrophenia and got episodes of Dr. Who.

Weak Nights is all new! Again!


We have a new website, lots of new content, and we’re all really excited that one of our new writers is a real live lesbian! (Weak Nights is already thick with gay men.)

Head on over our new site, unless you just came from there, in which case go back now!

The laziest cupcakes


Ralphs Baker: Chef, what topping should I put on these cupcakes?

Chef throws the baker a bag of fun-size Snickers bars

Ralphs Baker: Do you want me to …unwrap them?

Chef stares daggers at the Ralphs Baker

Snicker at these cupcakes

And that is how you make the laziest cupcakes in Ralphs.

Dracula sleeps in a coffin


How can I be afraid of a monster who is too tired to chase me if he doesn’t get at least eight hours of sleep a day?

If you love something, chmod 777 it


My computer friend was having troubles with his girlfriend, and I tried to offer him a bit of advice: in Unix, chmod is used to set permissions for which users can access the file, with 7 granting access to everyone.

…which means I inadvertently made his girlfriend a whore.

I learned a new word today!


Urban Dictionary defines ladette as:

Popular British term to decribe a girl who, in answer to the male “lad culture” of the 1990’s, bizarrely adopted the exact same behaviour as the men they claimed to be reacting against – mainly drinking pints of lager, swearing and vomiting publicly, and watching football, all conducted with exaggerated zeal. Interestingly, the behaviour of the ladette played into the hands of the lad…

Looks like The Daily Mail has this one pretty well covered. Keep it classy, ladettes and chavs!

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