Homebrew Farscape DVD

I was a little disappointed with the corner-cutting on ADV’s Farscape line of DVDs and just as a proof of concept thought I’d show that yes, you can make a cool-looking DVD interface without trying too hard.

Cover –

The best part of the cover is its designer-imposter motif. Hold it up next to one of ADV’s Farscape DVDs and you’ll find it hard to tell the real one from the home-made one. The quotes, episode descriptions and even tiny credits and badges help complete the illusion. Like they say, “The devil is in the details.”

DVD Cover

September movie semi-round-up

So many brand new movies to see!

In Flight Plan, asexual parent Jodie Foster loses her luggage on an airline flight. She spends the rest of the movie adamant about reclaiming her lost luggage even though nobody else believes she brought any in the first place. Did I say luggage? I meant daughter. I can’t say I look forward to seeing this one, after already seeing this same thing in The Forgotten (2004) and Hitchcock’s The Lady Vanishes (1938). Wait, it’s on an airplane you say? Well that’s totally different.

Also, from the writer of Emma and Sense & Sensibility and the producers of Bridget Jones’s Diary and Love Actually, comes a movie just like Emma, Sense & Sensibility, Bridget Jones’s Diary and Love Actually: Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice.

So what’s new with America’s sweetheart Emily Rose? This September something-or-other, she’s getting some exercise in The Exorcism of Emily Rose! It’s a story about a psychotic little girl whose demons cannot be cured by medical science and must be treated by a higher power. It chills the viewer with eerie sounds and images, leaping beds and a waif with a voice like an angry linebacker. Also, Emily Rose will be played by Linda Blair and the movie will be released in 1973 under the name The Exorcist.

Serenity, based on the low-rated sci-fi series “Firefly”, is about some people in a spaceship. Not terribly innovative yet, but wait’ll you find out what they’re carrying! The cargo is a Joss Whedon fantasy: a combat-capable super-chick. The real question of the movie though is which combat-capable super-chick??? Is it a squeaky blonde named Buffy who slays vampires? No wait, maybe her name is Lara and she raids tombs, guns a-blazin’! Or is it Dark Angel Jessica Alba come to kick future space butt? Or could it be Jennifer Garner from “Alias”?

Maybe it’s Jodie Foster’s missing daughter.

Han Solo frozen in LEGO

I’m a fan of people who can do creative things with Lego bricks, so this caught my attention:

It’s Han Solo frozen in carbonite, in Lego form – in case you didn’t catch the title. This piece is what caught my eye, but he’s made mosaic images and plenty of other amazing Lego creations you’ll find at his site:


Farscape‘s Scorpius in Episode III !

Okay, not exactly, but Wayne Pygram, who played the arch-villain Scorpius on the Sci-Fi Channel’s critically-acclaimed series Farscape will be filling Peter Cushing‘s shoes as Grand Moff Tarkin in Star Wars Episode III, as reported by SciFiWire:

The official Star Wars Web site has released a cast and crew list for Star Wars: Episode III:Revenge of the Sith, confirming among other things the appearance of familiar characters such as Gov. Tarkin, played by former Farscape star Wayne Pygram.

Finally, something to be excited about! Pygram’s portrayal of Scorpius in Farscape conjured up a determined, cold-blooded nosferatu, which I think is just the right tone to uphold the ruthlessness of the Tarkin character. (Plus, it wouldn’t hurt to inject some of the life Farscape brought to sci-fi into the Star Wars franchise.)

I Want a Vacation!

I thought this would be appropriate, as thePete has to take a week-long respite from his blogging duties so that he can work harder.

Last night I watched a great piece of satire. An executive of a pharmaceutical company sits at his desk telling us how great it is that more and more people are working harder, not taking vacation time, working longer hours and are relying on his company’s drugs to make them happy.

It really got me thinking about how maybe we’re a culture that’s forgotten how to really relax and enjoy ourselves and we’re instead trying to force relaxation, satisfaction and happy thoughts, having forgotten how to achieve them on our own, and what a sorry state it is that working hard and taking medication to fix depression and anxiety is the norm, more than working less and making time for fun and recuperation.

It was an ad for Universal Studios in Orlando.

A smidge more info on the month-old campaign can be had at as well as a link to the videos. The one I’m speaking of isn’t on there, but I suspect it will be soon.

Though it may not be to Universal Studios as they planned, these commercials plant the seed and suddenly a vacation anywhere is looking like a damned good idea.

Shorts Video

Farscape: Boy Meets Girl ad

I had done some editing for Farscape fans before, and I guess they liked what I did, because I was tapped to produce a commercial advertising Farscape‘s mini-series finale The Peacekeeper Wars! The fact that this commercial was funded entirely by Farscape fans through was an amazing display of support from the show’s fanbase. Together, fans raised over $11,000! Our 15 seconds of fame aired on FX and Cartoon Network.

See it here

Also, here’s an earlier idea I had for what to air on Cartoon Network’s [adult swim]. It only took me about ten minutes to make, but I ultimately scrapped it because, cute as it was, I figured completely ripping off the style of their bumps would be kind of a dickish thing to do.

Blog Video

Farscape Music Videos

BOYS & GIRLS – blur

CAN’T GET YOU OUT OF MY HEAD – kylie minogue

WOULD I LIE TO YOU? – the eurythmics


BECAUSE THE NIGHT – 10,000 maniacs

FEAR – sarah mclaughlin

Problems viewing the video? That’s because you’re using Internet Explorer 6, which completely screws over non-MS browser plug-ins and ignores the way plug-ins have worked since 1994. Thank you very much, Microsoft.

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