Boyz from the Dwarf

Join Lister, Rimmer, the Cat, and Kryten aboard the crashed Starbug 1 from the BBC sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf. Complete with bazookoid, Talkie Toaster and grilled space weevil. The red-alert panel even lights up (though going to blue alert does mean changing the bulb).

The hologram Rimmer is made of trans-blue, Kryten the service robot features a groinal-attachment egg whisk and nipple nuts, the evolved Cat is sharply-dressed for piloting the craft, and Lister even has his little beer gut.

Winner Brickheadz Vignettes, BricksLA 2020



I know. I know. This is way too geeky to post on something as cool and trendy as the internet, but I have compiled a table of all the connections among my three favorite, most formative sci-fi shows: Robotech, Farscape and Red Dwarf.