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No Limit isn’t the only label that can turn out a gross of new albums every month. Below is a list of No Eleven Records’ latest albums — dropping soon!

TeAM Productions

Coin Opp – All About the Georges

Coin Opp

1. 25 scents
2. Da Whites N Da Colors
3. doin’ da laundry
4. Foldin’
5. Da ‘tergent (f/ Da Tergeant)
6. Dryer Sh**ts
7. Wash
8. Rense
9. Spin, Muthaf******, Spin!
10. Standing Outside an All-Nite Laundromat One Quarter Short of da Money to do a Load of Laundry

Slice: the Butter – “I can’t believe it’s not da game!”

Slicce: the Butter
1. Butter Me Up
2. Ain’t nuthin’ butter
3. Tub
4. Margarine & Champagne
5. Like a hot knife
6. Stick o’ butter
7. Real Gangstas never melt
8. I can’t believe it’s not da game
9. The Land of Butter & Honey (f/ Break-Fast)
10. I still can’t believe it’s not da game
11. Meringue (f/ E-Buni & sugar)
12. Margarine & Champagne (Land o’ Lakes Remix)

E-Buni – Da eggs are to be hid, not put in one basket

1. Grade ‘AA’
2. Omelet (f/ ham & cheese)
3. Egg-tooth
4. Easter egg *unt
5. Bad eggs
6. Da Whites & Da Yolk
7. Deviled egg (Who am I…?)
8. Creme Egg, Jelly Bean
9. Hip(pity)-Hop
10. It’s not ‘aigs’, it’s ‘eggs’
11. Meringue (f/ Slice & sugar)
12. White Rabbit

Notorious P.A.U.L. – Da money N da bitches behind me

Notorious P.A.U.L.
1. Girls I’d like to bang
2. Movie stars I’d like to bang
3. Musicians I’d like to bang
4. More girls I’d like to bang
5. Payin’ fo’ it
6. Still more girls I’d like to bang
7. Video game characters I’d like to bang
8. “I’ll give you fiddy dollars if you…”
9. Cartoon characters I’d like to bang
10. Da innernet

Cap’n Ear – …like Cap’n Hook

Cap'n Ear
1. Inner – da Ear
2. Swimmer’s Ear
3. Gangsta’s Ear
4. Sqwak Box
5. Hearing aid
6. Yawn (pop yer earz)
7. Wax philosophical (f/ a Q-Tip)
8. Holdin’ da world up to my ear (and what do I hear?)
9. Hear no evil
10. I’m Def

Big Pile O’ Money – That’s not a pile of money…

Big Pile O' Money
1. Change is…
2. Dat’s not a pile o’ money!
3. Interest
4. Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots of Money)
5. Dis $1’s fo’ my homies
6. Pennies ain’t sh*t
7. Billion Dollar Bill
8. Counter Phit
9. How to Stre-otch yo’ Income
10. Sing’in Da Note of C

Griffen & Allyson – Neither one’s comin’ soon

Griffen & Allyson
1. Yes, that’s my real tongue
2. Jackin’ Sally
3. We are college girls
4. No (f/ Nick)
5. 3’s a crowd
6. Can you dial a phone with that thing?
7. Separation Anxiety (f/ Nick)
8. I think we should see other people (f/ Nick)
9. For the last time, “No.” (f/ Nick)
10. Lettin’ it Gather Dust

Rushin’ – Da

1. Make ’em say “Da”
2. Well Red
3. Da Da Da
4. Well, Da
5. Da Rushin’s comin’
6. Waht’s Da rush?
7. Da (Part I)
8. Nyet (Part II)
9. Rushin’, Rush out
10. The The The (Well-Spelt Remix)

Foto Seap – Da Filterr

Foto Seap
1. (There’ No Such Thing as) An Unnecessary Lens Flare
2. It’s all about Eye Candy
3. 3D Type Kicks
4. Makin’ EVERYTHING Sparkle
5. Classic Car Clip-Art
6. Helicopters & Pit Bulls
7. (You Think dat Cover’s Cheap) Wait’ll U Hear Da Music!
8. Diamonds R a Rut’s Best Friend
9. Findin’ a Idea (and stickin’ to it)
10. What’s Perspective??

By Tim

An animator, video producer, Lego artist, and author—I am moderately skilled at a lot of different things.