When a robot says 0 she really means 1

Blog | May. 31, 2008

No matter how many times I see it, I always get something new out of watching Blade Runner. I’d seen the Theatrical Release only a few weeks ago and just caught a midnight showing of The Final Cut. I thought it would be a bit much, but that wasn’t the case at all. Here are a few new things I noticed after the latest viewing:

The constant downpour in Los Angeles and the proliferation of bicycles and chintzy electric cars always presented a flawed future, but it is more relevant now to fears of climate change. Together with artificial animals replacing those brought to extinction, it shows humanity trying too little too late to correct the damage it’s done. I’m both amazed and saddened that this is still a significant theme over 25 years later.

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*UNAIRED* 1985 Watchmen toy ad

Shorts | May. 29, 2008

This is a commercial for the Adrian Veidt action figure that was never aired, due to cancellation of the toy line. Found this on an old VHS. Did they ever make any of these??

Here’s my entry for the YouTube Watchmen ad contest. The best ones will get put somewhere in the background of the upcoming Watchmen movie, which is pretty exciting. Hope you like it — the winners are determined by the most number of views / highest rating, so watch early, and watch often!

I don’t think I am going to date for awhile.

| May. 22, 2008

This just isn’t worth it anymore.

I don’t care, I like PHP

Work | May. 21, 2008

I’m a PHP developer, and I am going to out myself as a naïve n00b by saying I’ve never had a problem with writing applications for it. Yes, I may even enjoy programming in PHP. This is why I’m linking to an article Jeff at Coding Horror wrote on why PHP Sucks, But It Doesn’t Matter.

The TIOBE community index I linked above? It’s written in PHP. Wikipedia, which is likely to be on the first page of anything you search for these days? Written in PHP. Digg, the social bookmarking service so wildly popular that a front page link can crush the beefiest of webservers? Written in PHP. WordPress, arguably the most popular blogging solution available at the moment? Written in PHP. YouTube, the most widely known video sharing site on the internet? Written in PHP. Facebook, the current billion-dollar zombie-poking social networking darling of venture capitalists everywhere? Written in PHP.

Notice a pattern here?

Architecture astronauts may have a problem with the language, but the fact is PHP is getting the job done. Now Javascript on the other hand — scattered documentation, poor debugging support, the OO-over designing pitfalls. I don’t see how anyone can get anything done with it. Some people can, but not me.

I, um, blame the tools.

This is an area I am unfamiliar with

| May. 20, 2008

Despite having a Tivo, I still manage to see more than my fair share of cheap, sleazy infomercials on late night TV. I thought all of them were either Girls Gone Wild ads or those selling fake pills coyly suggesting they make “that certain part of the male anatomy” bigger. (That would be the scrotum, of course.)

That was until I caught an infomercial on Oxygen I hadn’t seen before. A cheap, sleazy infomercial for women.

I know women can feel left out when guys talk, like when my friends and I tried to explain The Legend of Zelda to one of our girl friends: the game was notable because it came in a gold cart; in it you play a boy named Link (because Zelda is the princess), who must fight the pig-monster Ganon to rescue her and the Triforce. Makes sense so far, right?

She was completely lost in our nerd jargon, which was further exacerbated by our discussion of how the mutant hooker in Total Recall (guess which one? [NSFW]) was the pinnacle of evolution.

Utterly baffled — that’s how I felt watching this Oxygen infomercial and hearing the phrase:

pink bent graduate impulse silver bullet jackrabbit

To me that’s just a string of words, but I’m amazed there’s a large percentage of women out there who know exactly what this describes. Utterly baffling.

Also, I need to get out more.

I made an Ozmandias action figure

| May. 18, 2008

This isn’t the nerdiest thing I’ve done, but it’s definitely in the top ten…

Ozmandias action figure

I’ll let you know how the commercial shoot turns out.

Veidt Enterprises is looking for ads

| May. 15, 2008

I may be the last to learn about it, but Veidt Enterprises is looking for commercials for its new ad campaign due out in first quarter 2009. Deadline is June 2! This isn’t mine, but here’s an example of what they’re looking for:

It may be for a completely fictitious company, but at least it’s better than hawking ketchup. Hawking Ketchup — the smartest ketchup in the known universe!

I will choose a new song chart!

| May. 15, 2008

Just making new nerdy song charts gives me such a Rush…

Free Will

I learned a new word today!

| May. 13, 2008

Urban Dictionary defines ladette as:

Popular British term to decribe a girl who, in answer to the male “lad culture” of the 1990’s, bizarrely adopted the exact same behaviour as the men they claimed to be reacting against – mainly drinking pints of lager, swearing and vomiting publicly, and watching football, all conducted with exaggerated zeal. Interestingly, the behaviour of the ladette played into the hands of the lad…

Looks like The Daily Mail has this one pretty well covered. Keep it classy, ladettes and chavs!

Pepsi Stuff doesn’t add up

Blog | May. 12, 2008

1 point.

I signed away my personal information to pepsistuff.amazon.com for one lousy point, and at one point per 2-liter of soda, that just doesn’t cut it. This calls to mind another MP3 promotion, 7-11’s iTunes promotion from 2004 where a $1.29 Slurpee bought you one 99¢ song from the iTunes store. To do the cheapskate math, that’s an iTunes song and a 29¢ Slurpee, which is why I drank so many of them I got sick of Slurpees. For now.

Contrast with Pepsi Stuff: to get the same reward, you need five points for one song. That means buying $5 to $7 worth of soda — 10 liters — just to get one 89¢ MP3.

It’s a good thing I buy a lot of soda.

EDIT: I can’t believe the pap I’m blogging about.

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