I’m calling from the Home Office

Video | Feb. 27, 2008

A new Weak Nights video is up, and what could be better than office drama? Why it’s home office drama. Watch a guy argue with his girlfriend!!

Emergency 411: Finding Parking

Emergency 411 | Nov. 14, 2007

I freely admit, I’ve got a little bit of a hangup about finding parking in LA. For this year’s Mobifest Toronto I put together a how-to of invaluable parking tips that border on the criminal — because when looking for a parking spot, it’s every motorist for himself.

Plus, I am fortunate enough that this is one of two entries of mine accepted as finalists for Mobifest Toronto! For more entries, check out my profile, or the other great submissions at mobifest.net!

I Saw You in Captivity at a Hostel Last Summer

Shorts | Aug. 7, 2007

Like a billion other suckers, I made a commercial to help advertise the most ubiquitous condiment on earth.

Hmm… looking at it now, I have a feeling this entry may not even get in. But please, watch and enjoy. And rate it 5 stars as often as you can. Thanks, fifteen readers!

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Emergency 411: Having a Baby

Emergency 411 | Apr. 28, 2007

I’m back with another installment of Emergency 411 — the answer guide with all the answers. In this episode, experience the joy and potential financial windfall that comes with having a baby.

Don’t let the fact that I’ve never fathered a baby have any bearing on my credentials in this matter. By now you should already know not to take my advice.

A Quick Smoke

Shorts | Apr. 17, 2007

Sometimes it’s important to stop and smell the nicotine.

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E411: Atomic Bomb

Emergency 411 | Mar. 29, 2007

Information on how to build (and detonate!) your own thermonuclear device — on the cheap.

I’m at a Shitty Concert!

Emergency 411 | Mar. 28, 2007

I am pleased to introduce a third installment of Emergency 411, the answer guide with all the answers. Today we have a handy tutorial on how to turn a bad concert into a “rockin'” one.

By now you must be asking yourself, “Gee, where does he get his ideas?” Well, that’s just gonna have to be my little secret.

Catch the first two Emergency 411 episodes after the bump.

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Sarcastic Hulk is very, very clever

Sarcastic Hulk | Mar. 21, 2007

I tell ya, Green Man’s Burden.

You work your ass off at the high-energy physics lab, trying to buy the good life for your mouthy, hippie girlfriend, only she doesn’t respect you, she’s too busy “rebelling” against her military brass father. Maybe he didn’t hug her enough as a kid, so now she’s taking it out on him by protesting his corrupt military-industrial corporation. The very military contractor you work for. And to top it all off, on the one day you get bombarded with a lethal dose of gamma radiation, you find out your company just cut your healthcare.

It just makes you so… so… snide.

See what happens when a guy who couldn’t take it anymore… takes it A LITTLE MORE!

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E411: Skydiving

Emergency 411 | Feb. 11, 2007

Emergency 411 gives you the info on what to do when falling from a plane… without a parachute.

The Christ & Ben Show

Video | Aug. 29, 2005

This cartoon was a special going-away present to my friends on The Mike & Ben Show, which is why, if you weren’t on the show at the time, it probably doesn’t make a whole hell of a lot of sense.

I wrote this episode with my friend Myles, who was graduating UCLA and thus leaving the show, along with Ben, Thor, Sean and Price. Yes, it was a requirement of the show that every other person have an unusual name. Just ask Dagmar and Harp.

The episode used a lot of clips from old shows, woven (barely) into a fable which paralleled our creative struggle working on the show, and was actually pretty well-received. Which is more than I can say for what happened on youtube.

It’s also kind of a love letter to our long-lost friend Mike, if you think about it.

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