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I Saw You in Captivity at a Hostel Last Summer

Like a billion other suckers, I made a commercial to help advertise the most ubiquitous condiment on earth.

Hmm… looking at it now, I have a feeling this entry may not even get in. But please, watch and enjoy. And rate it 5 stars as often as you can. Thanks, fifteen readers!

Also, here’s me enlightening Todd about the highly complex process of video production:

Todd: It would take a computer programmer to explain it.
TimToon: Okay, let's say X is your education, and Y is your skill. Let's both assign them a value of NULL.
Todd: I'm with ya so far.
TimToon: Set up a while loop incrementing them until either one equals Success or you hit 32, then exit.
Todd: Wow, I'm gonna kill you.

And he’d be right to! Can’t wait for this exchange to show up on!

By Tim

An animator, video producer, Lego artist, and author—I am moderately skilled at a lot of different things.

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