LOL 2001

Me and everyone else on the internet decided. We’re going to make a LOLcats version of everything. Today we made a list and I got assigned the 1968 Kubrick film “2001: A Space Odyssey“, so here goes. The first LOLcats in 2:1 widescreen.

Hopefully it will turn out better than that ‘lolternative’ nonsense from last year.

daves not here man

ceiling hal is watching you communicate


iz mai boomstick

class of 2001

can haz bushbabie?

is spaiship?

pew pew

nom nom nom


tonite we dine in hell

iz sry cant do that dayv


i hate monkdays


hot monkey luvs i has them



I know, I know. They’re much funnier in the original 70mm. See the whole flickr photoset.

By Tim

An animator, video producer, Lego artist, and author—I am moderately skilled at a lot of different things.