The indescribable horror of Neonomicon‘s artwork


The art in Promethea tells a story. In From Hell it tells a story. The first page of Watchmen tells a story. Unless this is the story of a reliable Ford Focus with a FM radio/CD player standard, this page doesn’t tell me anything about Alan Moore’s Neonomicon that I need to know.

It’s a scene that takes place outside an asylum (…I assume it’s that afterthought in the distance?) but judging by the level of detail, the car’s center console and armrest are the two most important things in the scene. We don’t even see the faces of our protagonists. Also notice the eyes in the mirror reflect the eyes of someone who should be sitting in the driver’s seat. Sloppy.

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Photoshop files order opens in no particular


Here’s my list of files as they appear in the Finder:

This is the order in which Photoshop chooses to open them:

I cannot find a rational pattern in the way Photoshop organizes opened files. Alpha-by-number? Ascending file size?