I feel fantastic!

I can’t remember when I last slept! I had been cooped up in my apartment writing code all night, and when the sun began to shine through my mini-blinds I knew I wasn’t going to get any sleep now, since that’s exactly what happened yesterday morning. So I grabbed my ipod and went for a walk.

I headed down Santa Monica listening to Rebel Rebel when I caught my reflection in a guitar shop window. I’ve been letting my hair grow out, I was bedraggled, hadn’t shaved in days, and hid my eyes behind dark sunglasses. I looked and felt like a rockstar. And as I headed down the sunny side of the street at 8:30 this morning to destinations unknown, the commuter traffic was beginning to pile up. The people who had to go to sleep at a sensible hour, only to drag themselves out of bed to get into their car and sit in traffic on their way to another day at their hateful job. More grist for the mill. And I was out taking a walk, enjoying the morning sunshine. I never felt so free.

When I was working, I had that I couldn’t sleep I couldn’t sleep I couldn’t sleep insomnia gnawing at me, but this time it was different. It wasn’t the insomnia that was bothering me, it was the anxiety about when I had to wake up. Now I don’t have to sleep. I felt like I had finally found my own schedule, and it felt wonderful.

By Tim

An animator, video producer, Lego artist, and author—I am moderately skilled at a lot of different things.

2 replies on “I feel fantastic!”

Wait, is this genuine, or sarcasm? Someone should write a story about you, entitled “The Boy Who Cried ‘Awesome’ “.

Even though it sounds completely insincere and forced, it is not sarcastic. Wait, that probably sounded sarcastic, too.
OK, let me think about this…

Yeah, ‘cuz I’m only able to feel like, one emotion, always.

BTW, that book idea sounds so awesome, it’s like I can’t even believe it.

Sincere? You’ll never know!

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