The Official Farscape, uh… thing

Every November, I attend the annual Official Farscape Convention in Burbank, which this year happily conflicted with the only other convention I attend. Still, I had to go: after 8 years, this was to be the last official Farscape convention. Not a bad run for a show that got cancelled a year too soon back in 2003, but still I had made my peace with that and I had made my peace with this being the last convention, and the last time I would see a lot of my Farscape friends, as well.

So it came as a bit of a shock when I read to the last page of the program and found these words: JOIN US NEXT YEAR FOR THE 2ND ANNUAL FINAL FRELLIN’ FARSCAPE FAREWELL!

You sons of bitches.

Iit’s not like Creation Entertainment to walk away from buckets of money, but still.

Speaking of buckets of money, I don’t possess the deep pockets to bid $10,000 on the lead actor’s full-length coat, or even one of those sweet pulse rifle props they were auctioning off. What I could afford was a doorbell.

Or maybe an elevator button? Or Farscape’s answer to the tricorder? Truth is, I don’t know what it is, and I’ll probably have to tear through the series again just to figure out what the hell I bid on. All I know is it’s Peacekeeper design and it lights up when I press a switch cleverly concealed under one of the panels.

And that’s pretty cool for …a lightswitch?

Farscape Doorbell Farscape Doorbell - On

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