Patton Oswalt gives a Rotten Interview

Ha! You like that? See what I did there? The website is called rotten and Patton Oswalt gave an interview with them. I thought it was worth posting just so I can keep some of his advice handy:

I do wish people were able to evaluate comedy beyond simply the crowd reaction, beyond the people going, “Woooooooo!” and be able to tell when the hooting and hollering is coming from someone pandering, and saying something everyone already agrees with, as opposed to a comedian getting that reaction from saying something startling, and original, and unexpected.

This is why the articles in the Rotten Library continue to be some of the most enjoyable, insightful things I read anymore. I won’t delve into the various and sordid articles among the Rotten Library arcana, because part of the fun is finding out just what their mystery writers chose to cover. But to their credit, where else can you go to find articles on gnosticism, Krakatowa, D.B. Cooper, and the occasional cherubish, comic book-obsessed comedian?

By Tim

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