My Veidt toy ad in the Watchmen movie

Yes, I’m still talking about this.

At 2:11:17, you’ll see Veidt’s wall of TVs, and for a brief four seconds, my ad appears on screen, along with what I have deduced (deduced means ‘guess’, right?) are the following videos.

Adrian Veidt watches a wide array of TV
Adrian Veidt watches a wide array of TV
Real Men Use Veidt Sylvester & Tweetie a Harrier jet missile Nostalgia ad Rambo: First Blood Part II tits! ?
Altered States Wendy’s “Where’s the Beef?” commercial episode of Night Court The Road Warrior Nixon re-elected / security camera feed 1984 Apple’s Macintosh commercial The Manchurian Candidate? *UNAIRED* OZYMANDIAS TOY AD!!! 1985
The Prisoner This Island Earth Haredevil Hare ? missile footage Addicted to Love hot air balloon? more porn

I can’t be certain about The Manchurian Candidate (it could even be an episode of The Twilight Zone for all I know), and have no idea where that hot air balloon is from. Maybe someone can help me out in the comments?

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