I Want a Vacation!

I thought this would be appropriate, as thePete has to take a week-long respite from his blogging duties so that he can work harder.

Last night I watched a great piece of satire. An executive of a pharmaceutical company sits at his desk telling us how great it is that more and more people are working harder, not taking vacation time, working longer hours and are relying on his company’s drugs to make them happy.

It really got me thinking about how maybe we’re a culture that’s forgotten how to really relax and enjoy ourselves and we’re instead trying to force relaxation, satisfaction and happy thoughts, having forgotten how to achieve them on our own, and what a sorry state it is that working hard and taking medication to fix depression and anxiety is the norm, more than working less and making time for fun and recuperation.

It was an ad for Universal Studios in Orlando.

A smidge more info on the month-old campaign can be had at www.IWantMyVacation.com as well as a link to the videos. The one I’m speaking of isn’t on there, but I suspect it will be soon.

Though it may not be to Universal Studios as they planned, these commercials plant the seed and suddenly a vacation anywhere is looking like a damned good idea.

By Tim

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