So awhile ago, I did an Emergency 411 video where I suggested it was a “good idea” to “throw your drinks” at the band playing.

Getting hit in the head by a flying bottle at an Iggy and The Stooges concert tonight made me rethink my position. To sum up:

Throwing drinks at a concert? NOT COOL.
Ow, my pride.
Ow, my pride

On the upside, the staff gave me a seat right near the stage for my trouble. They also offered me a spot in the pit. (I declined.)

Iggy and the Stooges, I think.
an approximation of my vision at the time

And for everyone who wants to chime in with an “I told ya so”, or some mention of karmic retribution, there’s a comment form below.

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4 replies on “I TAKE IT ALL BACK”

TIM! These 411s keep getting better and better and betterandbetterandbetter! Holy shit, I gotta watch em all. Can I put these on my iPod? -M.

They’re saved as Flash movies on the site, so no iPod for now, but I’m thinking of putting them on Weak Nights, which as you may know has what’s probably the best podcast in the entire scope of human history.

Oh, and thanks for reminding me… I’ve gotta start making more!

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