I don’t like New York!

Here’s why:

  1. No free refills on soda
  2. Even less parking than LA
  3. Signal before changing lanes — it’s the law!
  4. Hands-free cell phones only while driving — it’s the law!
  5. You know what? I found out L.A. isn’t the only city with traffic problems!

Aside from that, I’m really not sure what New York has to offer. Sorry, I can’t let this one slide… what’s up with the rationing of soda in Manhattan? Do they need to bring it in by helicopter? I just don’t see how people can live like that, with little bluetooth headsets in their ears all the time, like they’re some kind of day-drading dot-com stockbroker Hollywood agent.

I don’t like New York!

By Tim

An animator, video producer, Lego artist, and author—I am moderately skilled at a lot of different things.

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