Harnessing alien technology… mostly

I was watching UFO Files on the History Channel and they gave a list of the miracle technology from the last half of the century that’s the result of aliens: kevlar, nightvision, stealth technology, the transistor, fiber optics, lasers. All this amazing technology UFO believers will say is the result of reverse-engineered technology found from a crashed UFO in Roswell, New Mexico.

And yet this argument glosses over one minor missing piece of technology… the whole “intergalactic space travel” thing.

By Tim

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One reply on “Harnessing alien technology… mostly”

If it is indeed true that alien technologies are similar and have the same properties as those of our designs, how can it also be true that we learned how to use and build that type of technology from lessons with aliens. For example, fibre optics were pioneered back in the late-1800s by a European scientist who discovered that one could, ultimately pass electrical current at high speeds along with a few other things I cannot readily remember off the top of my head. Also, kevlar is a type of plastic that would not have been developed had we not discovered we had oil in North America until the late-1800s. Lasers, as scientists have proven, are the product of the use of a semi-reflective tube with a mirror on one end and a “window” on the other, thus producing a high-energy beam that could burn a hole and carve just about anything (and it comes in many different colours as you all may well know).

Therefore I shall conclude that, in your discovery of UFOs in Roswell, New Mexico being reverse-engineered and all those components included in it, those extraterrestrials are not all that dissimilar to us in technological strength. It also poses one question: given our rate of technological evolution, would we become any similar in technological prowess as them also?

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