Destined to become the Hampster Dance/all your base/such-and-such ate my balls/Swatch internet time/Star Wars Kid/O RLY?/Numa Numa/Chuck Norris/Lazy Sunday/Dick in a Box/LOLcats/Drama Prairie Dog of its day, here’s my requisite 2 cents on the iPhone phenomenon.

It shouldn’t be long until I get my own! After all, here’s me first in line at the Apple store in Century City…

…what do you mean the line starts around the corner? What do you mean there are 400 people in line already??

After looking at that long and tiresome list of internet memes, I can’t help but feel a little sad that I can recall all of them from memory, but can’t remember how to find the area of a triangle. Now just let me re-cut this post as a horror movie/romantic comedy trailer and I think we’re all set.

By Tim

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4 replies on “…First?”

Did you really get an iPhone? Can you write about it? I want to know if it’s overrated or if it really is magic.

By the way, not a lot of people comment on your blog… that’s gotta sting.

I get a lot of readers and I get a lot of comments… many simply aren’t good enough for me to approve, so I delete them. You’re lucky you caught me in a good mood.

As for the iPhone, a friend of mine got one and whenever I use it, my reaction is always, “Say, this is easy to use!”

I decided to comment on this blog before I saw Roberta’s comments.

Your web site has changed! I remember being here not long ago and it did NOT look all fancy and green like this. I’m going to start reading regularly, so watch out and stop talking shit about me.

Hampster Dance – remember this one, so vividly in fact that just reading it on the page triggers the sound in my ear. Thanks a lot. They used to play the dance remix on Radio Disney a lot.

all your base – remember this one, my parents still think it is funny, sad to say.

such-and-such ate my balls, Swatch internet time – means nothing to me

Star Wars Kid – remember this, but actually remember the Arrested Development spoof better

O RLY?,Numa Numa – means nothing to me

Chuck Norris – Is there something specific about him, or just his general jokeworthiness?

Lazy Sunday & Dick in a Box – I get these, along with millions of others who do not care to watch SNL

LOLcats,Drama Prairie Dog – don’t know what these are.

Of the ones I don’t know the Swatch one sounds most interesting. What is it? -M.

Swatch internet time was a hot idea around 1998 to sync the “e-world” on a decimal-based clock, just to do away with time zones. That’s gotta be worth converting the centuries-old system of minutes, hours and days into a curious collection of 83-second ‘beats’, right?

As for the rest, I believe this site may have the answers you’re looking for.

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