</dying of embarrassment>

My friend Todd is usually up on current technology trends, so I was excited when he sent me an article from my hometown’s very own newspaper, The Free Lance, about a new portable entertainment device! I couldn’t wait to find out more. Apparently it’s a machine called an “iPod”.

It’s a little contraption – about the size of a deck of cards – but it can almost literally put heaven and earth at your finger tips.

Almost in disbelief, I checked and re-checked, but there was no denying it: this article was dated today.

What other gems did this article offer up? It continues:

A podcast is almost like an electronic version of a magazine or radio show that people subscribe to for free. The term is a combination of the Apple MP3 player “iPod” and the word “broadcast.”

So this will be helpful if you ever need to explain what a podcast is to your grandma. To learn more about iPod, find the whole mortifying story here: Becoming Pod People

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