A Kinda Patton Christmas

A couple of raisin cakes thought they’d filter the spirit of giving through Patton Oswalt’s CD Feelin’ Kinda Patton. Yes, they even included an issue of Piss Drinkers magazine and the ever-popular Carvel’s Kris Kringle Pummeled Cake.

There’s a part of the album where Patton talks about Robert Evans’ autobiography, and he says “if you can find the book on tape, GET IT.” So I thought I would try to do just that, and get it for Jackson for Christmas. Well, once I got that, I started thinking about Stella D’Oro Breakfast Treats and all the other items Patton mentions, and thought about how funny it would be to get them all

See it all in their Flickr photo set found via Pop Candy, by way of Todd.

Internet by Tim Berners-Lee

(Just want to make sure I gave adequate credit.)

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