How to choose the right CMS

I love that they mention a list of what CMSs to avoid and it contains one item.

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“Prisoner” star Patrick McGoohan dies at 80


Fix to Drupal to allow NOW() and CURRENT_TIMESTAMP in new tables

This is why I hate CMS software — their incessant, misguided need to over-abstract every little detail. Take for example Drupal’s system for including additional tables into your existing MySQL database. Drupal would have you create a needlessly complex multidimensional array of all the elements in your new data table schema, created with a separate function and called by another custom Drupal function. Because I guess including the actual SQL to create a table was just too fucking simple.

So here’s Drupal’s way of doing it. I hope you like nested parens!

Bush family mourns death of 18-year-old White House cat

It was killed after Tower 2 fell on top of its flooded New Orleans home, where it was recovering after returning from its third tour in Iraq, having been wounded by friendly fire. The cat was in stable condition until it was transferred to Walter Reed Medical Center and given a childs toy to play with tainted with lead-based paint and melamine.

The family asks that donations be sent to AIG, Bear Stearns and Chrysler.

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