“I don’t even have a TV!”

| Dec. 16, 2008

Area man who spends 14 hours a day in front of his iMac boasts that he “doesn’t even have a TV”.

I tell a lie, I have a TV. But with Netflix on Demand, hulu.com, YouTube, bittorrent, podcasts, and the iTunes store who has time for cable?

I have DirecTV with HD channels and a DVR for $70/month. That’s for a mid-range package with no HD movies and no local channels, and I have been asking myself what am I paying for? $70/month to watch The Daily Show?

That’s what I call a bad fur day

| Dec. 10, 2008

I’ve been looking for the out-of-print version of Conker’s Bad Fur Day for the Xbox, but as the game is three years old and under a different name, I couldn’t remember whether Conker: Live and Reloaded was the same as the original for the N64. And so I went to the definitive guide for video game information:


UPDATE: Oh bleep. Apparently the Xbox version is heavily censored. I would rant on about how this undermines the Conker character, but I’m sure that ground was already covered when the game was originally released. Still, cr*p.


| Dec. 10, 2008

What emoticon do I use when talking about something delicious? Let’s see…

“Creme brulee with a frosted Krispy Kreme donut on top”


Problem solved.

Spaghettification in 40 minutes

| Dec. 8, 2008

I have just finished watching Journey to the Edge of the Universe on NatGeo, and it’s getting tough for an armchair astrophysicist like myself to enjoy any new shows about astronomy when they seem to recycle 90% of the same material. It’s become so rote that I propose the Science Channel Rule of Spaghettification:

Any science program dealing with astronomy, gravity or physics will mention black holes and the phenomena of spaghettification 2/3rds through the program, or roughly 40 minutes in.

That’s when I stop watching. Is there truly nothing new under the stars?

Now I’m learning IP.Board. Trying to.

Work | Dec. 1, 2008

Unless I’m reading it wrong, IP.Board seems to be an odd mix of over-abstracted PHP objects mixed with simplistic late-90s web design. Where else are you going to load an object of class APIs so you can then instantiate another object and use one of its class methods just to add a <td> tag to your one-cell table of non-tabulated data? Especially when you should have been using a <div> in the first place?

As for IP.Board’s interaction with the database, what does $this->ipsclass->DB->build_and_exec_query( array( ... ) ) do that mysql_query() doesn’t? (Apart from confuse me?)

Their code is some of the most meticulously written, poorly-designed programming in I can recall seeing. IP.Board combines the precision and complexity of the space shuttle with all the grace of a rickety shopping cart.