That’s what I call a bad fur day

I’ve been looking for the out-of-print version of Conker’s Bad Fur Day for the Xbox, but as the game is three years old and under a different name, I couldn’t remember whether Conker: Live and Reloaded was the same as the original for the N64. And so I went to the definitive guide for video game information:


UPDATE: Oh bleep. Apparently the Xbox version is heavily censored. I would rant on about how this undermines the Conker character, but I’m sure that ground was already covered when the game was originally released. Still, cr*p.

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Seriously, that fucking bites. You’re better off just playing the old one on an emulator.

When it was the original that I fell in hot, shameful love with, that’s probably what I’ma gonna end up doing. I would even buy an old N64 just to play that one game (and to finally beat the penultimate level of Shadows of the Empire), especially since I put the chances of BFD being released for download on the Wii between slim and none. FECK.

I just downloaded an emulator called Sixtyforce that seems to work all right, but you may need to get a controller to really enjoy it. If anyone can truly be said to “enjoy” Shadows of the Empire.


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