The Nerd Handbook

I wish I had the patience to lay it all out like this nerd has. There are too many similarities in the way I deal with people, work or life listed in this article to quote, but this one seems apt for what I’ve affectionately been told:

Nerds are fucking funny. Your nerd spent a lot of his younger life being an outcast because of his strange affinity with the computer. This created a basic bitterness in his psyche that is the foundation for his humor. Now, combine this basic distrust of everything with your nerd’s other natural talents and you’ll realize that he sees humor is another game.

Read more on The Nerd Handbook. While we’re on the subject of bitterness and distrust, might I invite you to help the planet by helping yourself?

This nut bread is bananas!

I read and re-read the list of ingredients on a container of Ralphs’ Banana Nut Bread. The one conspicuously absent ingredient? Bananas.

Emergency 411

Emergency 411: Going Green (Corporate Edition)

Saving the earth is important, but no one said you have to go broke doing it. Here are some tips for what multinational corporations, energy conglomerates and oil barons can do to save the planet… all while lining their own pockets.

This is my NINTH episode, bringing the total length of the series to nearly SIX WHOLE MINUTES(!).