I Saw You in Captivity at a Hostel Last Summer

Shorts | Aug. 7, 2007

Like a billion other suckers, I made a commercial to help advertise the most ubiquitous condiment on earth.

Hmm… looking at it now, I have a feeling this entry may not even get in. But please, watch and enjoy. And rate it 5 stars as often as you can. Thanks, fifteen readers!

Also, here’s me enlightening Todd about the highly complex process of video production:

Todd: It would take a computer programmer to explain it.
TimToon: Okay, let's say X is your education, and Y is your skill. Let's both assign them a value of NULL.
Todd: I'm with ya so far.
TimToon: Set up a while loop incrementing them until either one equals Success or you hit 32, then exit.
Todd: Wow, I'm gonna kill you.

And he’d be right to! Can’t wait for this exchange to show up on bash.org!


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