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Misunderstanding Comics on Kickstarter!

Pledge to Misunderstanding Comics on Kickstarter!

You won’t understand comics until you misunderstand them!

Pledge to Misunderstanding Comics on Kickstarter!

Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics was a landmark book in the comics world for establishing the potential of visual arts to convey beauty, drama, and transcendent meaning.

But comic book readers didn’t want beauty – they wanted buff gladiators with laser guns the size of a filing cabinet, sex kittens with impossible figures drawn by unskilled artists, an army of hacks hoping to sell a million issues of pre-bagged, individually- numbered holofoil special editions to drooling fanboys before anyone noticed they were bankrupting their own medium. Join us as we turn a jaundiced eye toward all that is wrong with the “invisible art”.

You won’t understand comics until you misunderstand them!

Misunderstanding Comics is co-written and illustrated by Mike Rosen, the writer/illustrator behind the satirical adaptation of The Malleus Maleficarum: the Medieval Guide to Hunting Witches.

And if you prefer to get your info via PDF, here’s our convenient and portable press kit.

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One reply on “Misunderstanding Comics on Kickstarter!”

Congratulatiions on reaching your funding goal, guys!

but folks, there ARE still a few days left if you want to get in on the Kickstarter offers!

for just 5 measly bucks, you too can have a .PDF of what is surely going to be a smirkful experience.

for more, you can get some pretty sweet extras… including a cameo in the comic, having a lovely lambasting of some other comic on YouTube, t-shirts, honorable mentions in the final work, and more!

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