It was Nuggit

From the murky depths of my childhood, I dimly recall something so unusual, something as inexplicable as a transformer that turned into a rock. It befuddled my child brain that something made of metal and — I assume — plastic and tubes was simultaneously also made of stone. I racked my memory trying to think of where I’d seen it before. No, it was too stupid to be a Transformer, and it couldn’t have been just a regular action figure. So it was when reading The 8 Redeeming Qualities of Gobots at Topless Robot (the only blog I seem to read, really) that I found that misconceived Gobot I remember one of my friends (or maybe a classmate?) had: his name was Nuggit.

Incidentally, even as a kid I remember the Gobots’ designs being particularly lazy. Take Cy-Kill for example. When he’s a motorcycle, he has a chrome engine attached to his abdomen. When he’s a robot, it’s gone. Where did it go? We’re supposed to assume it just disappeared? It’s a third of his body!