Worst episode of The Venture Bros. (ever)

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I’m sorry to report that “Home Is Where The Hate Is” has been the first lame episode of The Venture Bros.


The hilarious and edgy aside about Sergeant Hatred’s pedophilia problem alluded to in season two was blandly dragged out only in service of a couple of toothless gags. The bomb in Dr. Venture’s back, sure to unravel Sgt. Hatred’s career and also the endgame in The Monarch’s henching plans? Ends in a fizzle. Literally. I was on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what Dr. Girlfriend’s murderous moppets would do once they caught 24 and 21, or what plan the henchman would form to escape the tiny terrors, only to have the episode proper end with them still on the run. Again, no ending. It’s like the writers simply gave up 2/3rds of the way through. You’ll notice even Brock is disinterested in the episode’s proceedings.

I can accept the episodes that are light on action because they usually advance the characters, but this takes two minor footnotes (The Monarch moves into Phantom Limb’s place, Sgt. Hatred runs a by-the-book henching arching of Dr. Venture) and stretches them out into a mediocre 22 minutes. After last week’s episode — or the exceptional, mind-blowing season three opener — I know what the writers are capable of. This isn’t even close.


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2 replies on “Worst episode of The Venture Bros. (ever)”

First of all, it’s arching, not henching. Second of all, it wasn’t by the book: it was deliberately calculated to piss off the Monarch by treating Venture way better than anyone should, especially his archenemy. And with that, I have officially devoted too much thought to this topic. I bid you good day, sir.

I said GOOD DAY!

Arching, henching… looks like Astro Base Go weren’t the only ones phoning it in that night. That arching plot point should have been the opening to an episode, rather than an aside towards the end of an otherwise dull one. It’s nice to see they’re keeping that through line of The Monarch stealing from Sgt. Hatred, too — but neither of these make up for the lazy non-endings of this episode.

Yeah, I can’t believe we’re even talking about this.

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