TR: Lawrence Kasdan to Write Robotech Movie

After the last week or so you’d think I’m just using as a mirror of Topless Robot or something, but no. I’m just so excited to share the site’s breaking news, Lawrence Kasdan to Write Robotech Movie. And TR is dead-on about what makes Robotech such nerd catnip. It’s not the transforming jets or the giant alien invaders — it’s the love story.

Frankly, Macross is the greatest love story ever told (Lolita is #2). Specifically: Lisa Hayes, the captain of the most powerful spaceship in the Universe, is so infatuated with pilot Rick Hunter she washes his underwear, while Rick chases after 15-year-old Chinese tease and pop star Lynn Minmei, who pines after her cousin Lynn Kyle, who angril throws empty gin bottles at Minmei. Oh, and Kyle is the spitting image of Lisa’s dead fiancé.

The pinnacle of this is episode 28, Reconstruction Blues. You ache for Lisa diligently cleaning up Rick’s apartment on her day off while he’s out getting stood up by Minmei. How can one man be so stupid? Dude, she does your frikkin’ laundry.

*epic facepalm*

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Lawrence Kasdan directed Dreamcatcher, the most amazing movie I’ve rented this year.

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