Big Sky would be the best Guitar Hero song evar!!1

Without a doubt, Reverend Horton Heat‘s “Big Sky” would be the absolutely most fret-burningest, string snappingest, finger shreddingest song were it ever to come to the Guitar Hero franchise.

I get dizzy imagining the hammer-ons, pull-offs and wrist-cramping strumming needed just to keep up with this frenetic, massive Rockabilly tune. If you don’t believe me, give it a listen at the iTunes Store.

Or, just see for yourself. Conquering this on Export Expert mode would be like jumping up and slapping the face of God.

By Tim

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3 replies on “Big Sky would be the best Guitar Hero song evar!!1”

Haha dick. Fixed that. You see what happens when I convert video all day? :-\

Personally, I haven’t been able to beat GH’s Tariff battle.

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