Hello, World!

| Sep. 19, 2005

“It’s not broken, it just doesn’t do anything.” That’s the lesson I’ve learned writing software at my current job. Plus, I like that the brevity of this observation doesn’t leave room for software that actually works.

Speaking of things that break, I’ve been working with the Mambo content management system lately and I’ve found that the more things a particular piece of software is supposed to do, the more things there are that can go haywire. My solution? Write software that will do zero things, duh.

So far the one plug-in I’ve gotten to work for it is the ever-popular “Hello world” app. Hello World is a great piece of code to get started on because it only does one thing — print out “Hello world” — so there’s only one thing can go wrong.

Is there a web site where I can find all the “Hello World” code I’ll ever need? For some reason, yes: helloworld.org. Even if you can’t count on anything else in this world, seems you can always count on “Hello World”.

Dan Danger wear

Cartoons | Sep. 6, 2005

In reference to thepete.com/ic, jen and pete mentioned an interest in a t-shirt with a panel from Dan Danger on the front. Well, I’ve no idea how to silkscreen a shirt, but thought I’d put up the image I was thinking of using all the same.

Some people took a shine to the low-fi comic “Dan Danger” I drew as part of Pete’s thepete.com/ic and so, being the media whore I am, I put some effort into putting a panel of Dan Danger onto a T-shirt for your enjoyment.

Dan Danger always shot clean — right between the eyes!

Dan Danger always knocks ’em dead with his twin 9mm’s, now so can you!

You’ll find 6 different Tees for men and women at my CafePress store …along with some decades-old WWJD paraphernalia.

So please, put some money into the pockets of CafePress and impress your friends and co-conspirators by showing off the grade school-level artist you know!