Backyard Benny

Spaceship Scavenger Hunt

Flying through an open window, Benny’s spaceship crashed on a strange new garden planet! Can he find the six parts of his ship and make it to the Beta-1 Command Base to meet his friends for blast-off??

Backyard Benny is my entry for the Unity x LEGO microgame contest. It uses prefab Lego assets, including “behavior bricks” that work like the functional elements that program behaviors in the Powered-Up app.


Dr. Hertz Disease Destroyer

In 2018, I led a team of two other developers, a musician, and a graphic artist to create a unique game in under 48 hours as part of Global Game Jam. We were competing against professional game developers, artists, and graduate students, who were producing amazing, professional-grade work over a short time. To stand out, I knew we had to be different.

Our game is based on the (unproven) harmonic resonance theory, and we have only one controller: you mouse’s X-coordinate. The goal is to adjust the frequency of your device to rattle apart the bad cells under your microscope without harming the good ones, and as the levels increase the frequency overlap between the good and bad cells get closer and closer.

The judges liked what they saw, and we were recognized with the “Now Why Didn’t I Think of That?” innovative excellence award.

Play Dr. Hertz Disease Dismantler.


Barky Pup 2600

I held a seminar at ElectroFringe 2016 on how to program the Atari 2600 and gave a demo of Barky Pup, the barking dog simulator for the Atari 2600 written in assembly.

While I update this post with content from my talk, feel free to download the game and play it in the Stella emulator.

The goal of Barky Pup is simple: you bark! But how often can you keep up the noise before your owners get fed up and have you put to sleep??

Barky Pup screenshot