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Aug. 6, 2000

I know you're not here to see pictures of me...
so don't mind the So Cal geek in the pics of the cast and
production crew of Farscape!
(besides, you can always Photoshop yourself in, anyway)

I pose with Ben while behind us, David Kemper
congrats Anthony after he comes off stage.

Claudia Black... or should I say "Ohmygod! It's Claudia!!"
...and looking stunning, as always.

I would've felt plenty lucky if only to get a picture
with Claudia OR Gigi!

The very energetic Anthony Simcoe stands still
long enough to let me get a picture with him.

Tim and the Amazonian Virginia Hey.
She is so sweet and just so totally Zhaan.

Not the 'harrassed accountant' or the insane military commander,
but the mellow Lani Tupu!

Gigi Edgley, so fun and full of energy,
poses for yet another photo with me.

David Kemper & Ricky Manning, a great couple of guys,
and so nice to the fortunate backstage fan!

Gigi & Ginny

At the end of two days of convention-ing,
Claudia still looks great in the last picture I got of her.

Chillin' with Ben backstage.

As a kid who grew up with Muppets and all things Henson,
imagine my thrill at meeting Brian!

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