The tooth. The tooth!

Shorts | Oct. 4, 2009

Blondie and David Lynch together in the ultimate Dune fan video!

iPod Shuffle Guided Tour

Shorts | Sep. 25, 2009

The new iPod Shuffle is now even easier to use. Control your music with just a few clicks.

Dr Who vs Father Ted

Shorts | Jun. 29, 2009

Leela and Dougal just don’t understand transdimensional engineering. (from “Robots of Death” and “Hell” respectively.)

*UNAIRED* 1985 Watchmen toy ad

Shorts | May. 29, 2008

This is a commercial for the Adrian Veidt action figure that was never aired, due to cancellation of the toy line. Found this on an old VHS. Did they ever make any of these??

Here’s my entry for the YouTube Watchmen ad contest. The best ones will get put somewhere in the background of the upcoming Watchmen movie, which is pretty exciting. Hope you like it — the winners are determined by the most number of views / highest rating, so watch early, and watch often!

Vomit Tag!!

Shorts | Feb. 28, 2008

I’ve been trying to lose a little weight, so my friends and I got together for a game that’s both great exercise and a clever way to hide my secret bulimia: vomit tag!

I Saw You in Captivity at a Hostel Last Summer

Shorts | Aug. 7, 2007

Like a billion other suckers, I made a commercial to help advertise the most ubiquitous condiment on earth.

Hmm… looking at it now, I have a feeling this entry may not even get in. But please, watch and enjoy. And rate it 5 stars as often as you can. Thanks, fifteen readers!

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A Quick Smoke

Shorts | Apr. 17, 2007

Sometimes it’s important to stop and smell the nicotine.

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Farscape: Boy Meets Girl ad

Shorts | Oct. 11, 2004

I had done some editing for Farscape fans before, and I guess they liked what I did, because I was tapped to produce a commercial advertising Farscape‘s mini-series finale The Peacekeeper Wars! The fact that this commercial was funded entirely by Farscape fans through was an amazing display of support from the show’s fanbase. Together, fans raised over $11,000! Our 15 seconds of fame aired on FX and Cartoon Network.

See it here

Also, here’s an earlier idea I had for what to air on Cartoon Network’s [adult swim]. It only took me about ten minutes to make, but I ultimately scrapped it because, cute as it was, I figured completely ripping off the style of their bumps would be kind of a dickish thing to do.