The Carrot and the Stick

Blog | Jan. 10, 2012

EA leads another unpleasant trend in video games, this time requiring a separate unlock code for online play. They saw the income generated by game resellers like GameStop and decided they wanted a piece of that action. So now you if you resell your copy of Uncharted 3 (Or Battlefield 3, or Dead Space 2, or Madden), expect it to get less money for it, because the game’s next owner will have to separately purchase an online play code if they want all the functionality of the game they just bought. That is, if they’re able to play the game at all.

Which is why I’m glad to see Club Nintendo, which doesn’t punish you for reselling your games, but rewards you with stuff for registering the ones you bought new (and after filling out a survey, that is). It’s a reward system for buying new games, and I’m glad that at least Nintendo doesn’t go out of its way to cripple its own product. I just registered two of my Wii games, and am going to go back for more to see if I have enough points for those sweet Legend of Zelda posters!


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