Spotlight sucks

Blog | Jul. 27, 2010

Let me start by saying that I hate OS X’s Spotlight. It willingly turns a blind eye to system files, which (like so much else for the Mac) is a solution that satisfies 90% of users, but does nothing for the other 10%: people like me, who need to edit httpd.conf, php.ini, and other files the OS prefers you ignore.

So in lieu of Spotlight, I have been trying to use find, albeit with mixed results. That changed when I found the terminal command mdfind — it’s Spotlight that actually searches your whole computer. What a relief! And it’s simple to use:

> mdfind php.ini

was all it took to find /private/etc/php.ini. Find without arbitrary limitations. Amazing!


2 Responses to “Spotlight sucks”

  1. The locate command is also handy in these situations.

  2. Tim Wood says:

    And it still sucks. FYI to comments readers: mdfind finds things locate doesn’t.

    Thanks for the great tip.