The indescribable horror of Neonomicon‘s artwork

Blog | Jul. 31, 2010

The art in Promethea tells a story. In From Hell it tells a story. The first page of Watchmen tells a story. Unless this is the story of a reliable Ford Focus with a FM radio/CD player standard, this page doesn’t tell me anything about Alan Moore’s Neonomicon that I need to know.

It’s a scene that takes place outside an asylum (…I assume it’s that afterthought in the distance?) but judging by the level of detail, the car’s center console and armrest are the two most important things in the scene. We don’t even see the faces of our protagonists. Also notice the eyes in the mirror reflect the eyes of someone who should be sitting in the driver’s seat. Sloppy.

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Spotlight sucks

Blog | Jul. 27, 2010

Let me start by saying that I hate OS X’s Spotlight. It willingly turns a blind eye to system files, which (like so much else for the Mac) is a solution that satisfies 90% of users, but does nothing for the other 10%: people like me, who need to edit httpd.conf, php.ini, and other files the OS prefers you ignore.

So in lieu of Spotlight, I have been trying to use find, albeit with mixed results. That changed when I found the terminal command mdfind — it’s Spotlight that actually searches your whole computer. What a relief! And it’s simple to use:

> mdfind php.ini

was all it took to find /private/etc/php.ini. Find without arbitrary limitations. Amazing!

Lego Magician Minifig MOC

Blog | Jul. 6, 2010

Looking at the Lego Magician Minifig I opened, I had a great idea for a MOC.

Enoemos teab em ot ti.

Lego Minifigs UPC decoder

Blog | Jul. 6, 2010

After spending an inordinate amount on a complete set of Series 1 Lego Minifigures, I discovered a way to distinguish the individual bags based off the UPC code on the back. I was all set to open and scan in every UPC and post them here, then I realized someone had already done it. So enjoy.

Guess I'll just have to enjoy these for their intrinsic value

Now what the hell am I supposed to do with these?!

The lesson to take away from this is that the day of one-man websites getting the scoop on anything new and popular are through. My personal website, testament to that ’90s way of thinking, is a delightful little time capsule to that bygone era. That or I just haven’t gotten with the times. It’s bad enough to be unhip, but much worse to fully comprehend your own obsolescence.

Or so said a friend of mine, “We are in the presence of the new.