Popcorn: a forgotten classic, of sorts

Blog | Apr. 17, 2010

I was flipping through suggested movies on Netflix for Wii when I came across an awful horror movie I hadn’t seen since a triple feature my dad and I went to when I was 13: the obtusely-titled Popcorn.

For better or worse, my tastes have changed since then to appreciate this sort of lowbrow fare; details like the inspired closing theme and Crispin Glover’s dad Bruce in a cameo. Popcorn recalls a time before MST3K when watching bad movies for fun was still a fairly rare cultural event. The movie centers around a killer stalking through a horror movie triple-feature (making it a pretty good choice for the venue where I originally saw it, in hindsight) and both the story and the killer’s motives actually make a kind of sense.

Matter of fact, I’d enjoy the hell out of a B-grade horror fest like the one featured in the movie. Minus the killing, I mean.

The upas?

Blog | Apr. 2, 2010

Looks like the iPhone needs to update its dictionary to accommodate its new big sibling.