And the upselling continues…

Blog | Mar. 9, 2010

Seriously, Gorillaz/Sony/whoever, if you want me to pay $25 for your CD, just price it at $25. And stop this $19 for the cheap version, $26 for the “experience” (or $13 for a similar experience, or $50 for exclusive online access) nonsense. Check out the sticker on the cover of Plastic Beach:

Circled: Sure you don't want the Gorillaz <strong>Experience</strong> instead?

Circled: Sure you don't want the Gorillaz Experience instead?

Also, I have a feeling the online experience, access to a live broadcast, online game and other extras listed on the Experience CD+DVD are the same extras offered with G-Club. Looks like Gorillaz are double-dipping their fanbase.


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