Why are there two menus for this?

Blog | Mar. 26, 2010

Hold the mouse button down over the icon of an unresponsive app in the dock and get this menu:

Right-click on the icon and get this one:

Same three options. One is vertical, the other horizontal. Clearly they serve the same purpose, but are arranged differently, and in the case of the horizontal menu, poorly. Why are there two menus? Moreover, why does right-clicking on dock icon not reveal the app’s open windows via Expos√© the way click-holding does?

Frenzy, to mean a panicked, unfocused activity

Blog | Mar. 23, 2010

One of the five most important rules for writing good screenplays was sent to me today by a clever little girl from Script Frenzy, a “sister event” of the onanistic writing exercise known as National Novel Writing Month:

3. Economy of Words. This might be the most significant difference between NaNo and Script Frenzy (other than the height of the program directors). In a script, the goal is to convey the story without using more words than needed.

This nugget comes more than two thirds of the way through Script Frenzy’s nearly 800-word letter. After a belabored Austin Powers joke (in 2010!); not one, but two introductions; plus a helping of saccharine encouragement. So rather than informing the reader there is a script writing “contest” in April, the message really conveys how in love with its own too-cute-by-half prose the whole endeavor is. I’m sure the relative heights of the program directors will be important later.

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Photoshop files order opens in no particular

Blog | Mar. 23, 2010

Here’s my list of files as they appear in the Finder:

This is the order in which Photoshop chooses to open them:

I cannot find a rational pattern in the way Photoshop organizes opened files. Alpha-by-number? Ascending file size?

Is this health food safe to eat?

Blog | Mar. 15, 2010

xobiotic mystery

The irony being that an important part of eating healthily is knowing what you’re eating, yet I have no clue what the hell these things are.

They are wrapped in brown plastic, so they look like a candy bar. But they don’t say things like CHOCOLATE on them. Judging by the front of the package alone, it is ‘XoBiotic’ which — according to my rusty etymology skillz — ‘Xo’ means alien or other, and ‘biotic’ means living. Which would make this alien anti-food. What has a name that starts with X that isn’t followed by “The Conquerer” or “Space Mercenary”?

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And the upselling continues…

Blog | Mar. 9, 2010

Seriously, Gorillaz/Sony/whoever, if you want me to pay $25 for your CD, just price it at $25. And stop this $19 for the cheap version, $26 for the “experience” (or $13 for a similar experience, or $50 for exclusive online access) nonsense. Check out the sticker on the cover of Plastic Beach:

Circled: Sure you don't want the Gorillaz <strong>Experience</strong> instead?

Circled: Sure you don't want the Gorillaz Experience instead?

Also, I have a feeling the online experience, access to a live broadcast, online game and other extras listed on the Experience CD+DVD are the same extras offered with G-Club. Looks like Gorillaz are double-dipping their fanbase.

Embrace False Icons

Blog | Mar. 7, 2010

Screenshot from Gorillaz’s “Rockit” video from D-Sides 2006:

reject false icons-gorillaz

Purchasing options for 2010’s Plastic Beach:

Reject false icons. But first stop at our online store.