Today, I listed FML memes that need to stop

Blog | Sep. 9, 2009

“Today, an old/fat person hit on me. Here are the lasciviously embellished details.”

“Today, I was having sex with my boyfriend, and he stopped to make a reference to a video game.”

“Today, I mistook a woman for a man.”

“I texted the wrong person.”

“…and then everyone pointed at me and started laughing hysterically!!!”*

“…thought it would be funny if…”*

“Today a stranger addressed an aspect of myself I am insecure about. Loudly and publicly.”*

“My car was destroyed, after being mistaken for one belonging to a mistress. I am not sexually active.”

“A widely-believed urban legend actually happened to me. No, really!”*

“I accidentally ate poo.”

“Today, I got hit on by a stranger. I mean mugged.”

*did not actually happen


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